Every year, well-known trees in nature are sought out to harvest the natural, small, wild plaums. The aroma is complex and strong due to spontaneous fermentation making this one of Benedicts favorites.


Helmut Nonnenmacher is a konservative and passionate full time distiller than runs his business with support from his wife. Schoenbuch, the area in which his distillery is located, is often referred to as a mixed orchard paradise in the heart of Baden Wuerttemberg in Germany edging the black forest. He insists on maturing his distillates for incredibly long times in glass demijohns, often 10 year. He distills on a full copper pot still by Ulrich Kothe which can be either fired by wood or gas. Three rectification plates provide him the opportunity to even distill very low ABV mashes such as those from rovenberries.

Wild Plum Eau de Vie


Producer: Helmut Nonnenmacher

Fruit: Wild Plum (Prunus)


Yield: 4.6 litres of alcohol / 100kg Fruit That's 29 plums in each 100ml bottle.


Region: Schönbuch, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Altitude: 476 m.a.s.l.

Still Size: 150l

Yearly Capacity: 300 Original Litres of Alcohol


Mashing: Fruit Mill

Fermentation: Spontanious, 3-4 Weeks, Closed Top

Distillation: Discontinuous Double Pot Still, Copper, Dephlegmator, Plates, Wood fire/ Gas


Spirit Category (EU Regulation No 110/2008): Fruit Spirit

ABV: 48%vol