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Apart from finding enough of the highly desired South Tyrolean strawberries to be processed into Eaux de Vie,their distillation is difficult and time consuming. The plentiful little seeds that cover the strawberry are very thermal sensitive and if distilled too hot they will pop and ruin the flavour. It easily requires double the time by slowly feeding the fire, a log at a time. The distillate has matured in a glass demijohn for three years at bottling strength. The aroma is very sweet and strawberry straightforward.


Alessandro Secci is an artist of his own kind. Apart from being a distiller for nearly 15 years he is also the manager of his own mountain hut, is a botanist, a musician, a chef cook and prepares the ski run before his guests expect him to be in the kitchen for breakfast. His nose and sense for flavour is incredible. He is in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains and shuts down the mountain hut during Eaux de Vie production season to follow his passion.

Secci Strawberry Eau de Vie, 2016 vintage, 30cl 42% vol


Producer: Alessandro Secci

Fruit: Strawberry (Fragaria)


Yield: 116 Strawberries in 100ml 

Spirit Category: Fruit Spirit

ABV: 42%vol



Mashing: Hand Drill

Fermentation: Semi Spontaneous, 3-4 Weeks, Closed Top

Distillation: Discontinuous Double Pot Still, Copper, Dephlegmator, Wood fire/ GasRegion: Val Venosta, Vinschgau, South Tyrol, Italy

Still Size: 150l

Altitude: 1050 m.a.s.l.

Yearly Production Capacity: 300 Original Litres of Alcohol

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