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All of the sour cherries used for this batch of Eaux de Vie came from his own organic garden and harvested by hand. He separated the majority of cherries from their stones as they contain the substance Amygdalin which is partly broken down into Benzaldehyde resulting in a marzipan and almond like flavour. Knowing how much stone needs to be left inside the mash is the result of this balanced aroma of intense cherry and benzaldehyde.


Friedl Steiner is a flavour lover. He runs his distillery in the basement of his 4-star organic hotel and restaurant situated in the valley of Venosta in South Tirol. He has his own land where he grows his own products, some for the restaurant and some for the distillery. He is a very precise man and constantly improves his production process for his Eaux de Vies. An incredible clean and well looked after copper still stands besides an old wooden desk covered in hydrometers and a tiny experimental still. The room is surrounded by shelves on which countless labelled demijohns sit all filled with various Eaux de Vies most of them already aged for more than 3 years.

Steiner Sour Cherry Eau de Vie, 2015 vintage, 30cl 42% vol


Producer: Friedl Steiner

Fruit: Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus)


Yield: 4.5 litres of alcohol / 100kg Fruit That's 183 cherries in each 100ml bottle.


Region: Val Venosta, Vinschgau, South Tyrol, Italy

Altitude: 1050 m.a.s.l.

Still Size: 150l

Yearly Capacity: 300 Original Litres of Alcohol


Mashing: Fruit Mill, Partial Stone Separator

Fermentation: Semi Spontaneous, 3-4 Weeks, Closed Top

Distillation: Discontinuous Double Pot Still, Copper, Dephlegmator, Wood fire/ Gas


Spirit Category (EU Regulation No 110/2008): Fruit Spirit

ABV: 42%vol

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