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We do love a good 90s Mortlach!

Big bold and fruity flavours, known as “The Beast of Dufftown” for a good reason. Refined, complex and elegant.

This cask is particularly oily and chewy. On the nose, demerara sugar, maple roasted bacon, toffee apples, pear travel sweets. On the palate, rich, dominant and meaty with plenty of toffee, jammy dodgers and a hint of pine, developing into milk chocolate, a hint of spice and an underlying tropical sweetness full of mango, papaya and lychee with these flavours playing out long into the finish.


In 1896 Alexander Cowie returned from Hong Kong to Dufftown. He was a doctor in Hong Kong and brought with him back to Scotland his scientific and analytical finesse with an open mind for experimentation. Alexander created the very unique, very intricate 2.81 distillation process that is still in place at the distillery today. Solely used at Mortlach distillery, this process - combined with traditional Worm Tub condensers - creates the thick, rich, bold spirit character that Mortlach is famed for.

Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 1999 Vintage, 22 Years 70cl 54.7 % vol


Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distilled at Mortlach Distillery
1999 Vintage, Aged 22 Years
Refill Hogshead
54.7%vol, 70cl
Limited to 234 Bottles
Natural Cask Strength/ Natural Colour/ Non
Chill Filtered


Label Design: Elisa Merino Vazquez

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