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Helmut Nonnenmacher is a conservative and passionate full time distiller from the Schoenbuch area. This hilly area of South-Western Germany, just edging the black forest, is often described as a mixed orchard paradise. All fruit come from the surrounding small private orchards. Helmut insists on maturing his distillates for incredibly long times in glass demijohns, even up to 10 years. He distills on a full copper pot still by Ulrich Kothe which can be either fired by wood or gas. Three rectification plates provide him the opportunity to even distill very low ABV mashes such as those from rovenberries.


The summer of 2015 in Central Europe entered the books as a summer of extremes: scorching heat, extraordinary drought, but sometimes also continuous rain. The resulting fruit carries higher acidity levels as well as an increased sugar content.

Nonnenmacher Cherry dry Eau de Vie, 2015 vintage, 30cl 50% vol


Producer: Helmut Nonnenmacher

Fruit: Cherry

Limited to 20 bottles!


Region: Schönbuch, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Altitude: 476 m.a.s.l.

Still Size: 150l

Yearly Capacity: 300 Original Litres of Alcohol 


Mashing: Fruit Mill

Fermentation: Semi-controlled, 3-4 Weeks, Closed Top

Distillation: Discontinuous Double Pot Still, Copper, Dephlegmator, Plates, Wood fire/ Gas


Spirit Category: dry Fruit Spirit 

ABV: 50 % vol

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