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The Trinidadian distillery Caroni produced heavy high ester Rums before it closed down in 2002.


Of the few Caroni casks that are still available on the market, the chance of finding a superb one is becoming ever more rare. Since we've been looking for something rather outstanding for our first Rum release, we were very happy to get our hands on this seriously brutal heavy Caroni, polished up by 23 years of maturation.

This time we paired up with an enthusiastic Rum specialist and friend of ours. Once he found and tasted this Caroni Bourbon Barrel, he immediately asked whether we wanted to buy it together. The full cask yielded 212 bottles, 106 each. The cask spent its first twelve years in Trinidad, and thereafter in Scotland. This would also explain the relatively high alcohol content of 62 % vol after 23 years in the barrel.


Aroma: Ripe banana, BBQ’d pineapple, coconut, overly ripe dried mango, vanilla pod and leather. Oily mouthfeel and tropical funk.

Caroni Distillery Heavy Trinidad Rum, 1997 Vintage, 23 Years, 70cl 62.0 % vol


Heavy Trinidad Rum
Distilled at Caroni Distillery
1997 Vintage, Aged 23 Years
Matured 12 Years in Trinidad
First Fill Bourbon Barrel
62%vol, 70cl
Limited to 106 bottles
Natural Cask Strength/ Natural Colour/ Non Chill Filtered / No Added Sugar


Label Design: Elisa Merino Vazquez

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