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Old Blair Athol is simply great, especially from back in the 80’s. Cloudy wort, longer fermentations, wooden washbacks, probably some brewers yeasts and more lactobacillus leads to very complex new-make Whisky. Perfect fuel for long term maturation. Refill Hogsheads are perfect containments for such maturation as they’ll slowly impart wood derived characteristics without dominating all this goodness.


This cask in particular is extremely interesting and has a very unique character. It is fascinating to see how such a rich Scotch Malt develops over 31 years in an exhausted cask as this refill Hogshead Nº 6101. The result is incredible finesse and distillery forward driven character. Very sweet and delicately floral, full bodied and elegant. Bottled at a healthy 52.4% ABV.

Blair Athol Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 1989 Vintage, 31 Years, 70cl 52.4% vol


Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distilled at Blair Athol Distillery

1989 Vintage, Aged 31 Years

Refill Hogshead

52.4%vol, 70cl

228 Bottles

Natural Cask Strength/ Natural Colour/ Non Chill Filtered

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